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Best Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Crystals

Crystals are the wonderful invention of nature. Many people use these crystals to bring positivity in their life and even increase their confidence and relaxation. In fact, the crystals are found so effective that many try getting the love of their life using these crystals. When we know that crystals are so much in demand everywhere, obviously even you would have them! But do you know it’s important to maintain them properly so that they stay clean and continue to bring good luck and charm to you as before?

Ways to Clean and Keep The Crystals Maintained

Whether you own crystal jewellery in Australia or you have them in basic stone forms, ensure to clean and maintain them regularly. But now you will ask the steps to clean and maintain them. So, we have listed some of the steps to do so below:

Running Water -Water has the power to neutralise any kind of negative energy and send it back to the Earth or ground. Though we would highly recommend you wash the crystal in a running stream so that the purest water purifies it, but if you don’t have that option, you can also wash it under running tap water. Just ensure to rinse the stone thoroughly under the water to get rid of all the dirt and even the negative energy stored in it. But remember you can use this method of cleaning only the hard stones like rose quartz.

Salt Water -Salt is a great component that is known to eradicate negativity from all kinds of items. If you are near the ocean, you can collect the salted water in a bowl, submerge your crystal in the water for 48 hours and later remove and pat it dry. If you aren't anywhere near this natural resource, you can make a bowl full of salted water at home by mixing both of these components and submerge the stone and follow the same procedure to clean it. Again, this is a recommended step to clean the hard stones like amethyst and quartz.

Brown Rice -Brown rice is a tried and tested method to remove all the negativity from your stone. You just have to submerge or bury your stone in a bowl full of brown rice and later dispose of this rice. It is said that this brown rice tends to absorb all the negative energy from your stone and when you dispose or bury it somewhere else, you get rid of all your negativity immediately. This is the method of cleaning that you can use on all kinds of crystals and you require burying the stone in the rice for around 24 hours.

Crystal Cleaning Liquid -You may buy special liquids or sprays which can be used for crystal cleansing from Ancient Apogee. These are proven highly effective to clean the crystals perfectly and even remove all the unwanted energies from it. They even have different crystal products available with them which can be used for increasing positivity in your life.

These are the most recommended and effective ways to clean your crystals. Detoxifying the stones would detoxify your life.