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How To Incorporate Crystal For An Elegant Home Décor?

Popular in the recent home décor trends, crystals are known to eliminate negativity from your house. These also bring in good luck and lots of positivity to the place. You also can’t ignore the fact that using the right crystals can enhance your inner peace, help you relax, and even improve your health. Now you might be thinking – What’s the connection between home décor and the benefits of crystals? -Well, today when almost every second person is stressed and suffers from lots of ailments due to pollution and poor quality of lifestyle, having crystal in the house helps immensely in reducing these issues. And of course, we aren’t even forgetting how its presence can add pizzazz to your home. In short, with crystal blended well into your home décor, you get an elegant, sophisticated, and happy home that you’ll love.

How to inculcate the crystals in your home décor theme?

Before you proceed further, in order to enjoy the best crystal decorations for home check FetteBelle. They have an authentic collection of crystal stones, spheres, and other products which are going to add life and good luck to your home décor. But for ways to induce them into the place naturally and beautifully, you need to know the right tips and tricks, and we are happy to help.

Glowing crystal near the fireplace -The long winter nights (and sometimes even day times) are spent near the fireplace enjoying the warmth. A glowing piece of crystal at this location would totally add a cosier feel to the space and also add some sparkle. When you see the fire reflecting in the crystals, we challenge that it would make your heart melt with happiness and positivity.

Geode crystal lights -Geode is a form of crystal that is said to bring you harmony and even enhance your creativity level. And you can use them in your home in a plethora of ways. They make lovely coasters or centre pieces when mounted on metal or wooden frames, place them on tiny tripod frames on your shelf or mantle, place them as wall plaques on your accent wall – the choices are many, and each beautiful in its own way. Pro Tip – If you strategically place a light source (candle or even an electric lamp), these crystals will shine and glow regally.

Crystals dangling from a chandelier -An elegant and classy home is unimaginable without a stunning chandelier. Choose a crystal one and be mesmerised by how the light gets reflected by them adding lustre to the décor and creating an immense visual impact. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes – huge traditional ones for a Victorian home, clusters of crystals dripping like rainfall – sleek and sexy for a contemporary home, pendant crystal chandeliers for mood lighting and many more.

Crystal sphere on your centre table - Crystal sphere has some really interesting and beneficial features for your personality. If you place them on the centre table, just the presence of it is enough to spread a positive aura (not to mention the charm it exudes).

Crystal as drawer handles -The handles of the drawers and cupboard you use in your home play an essential part in your home décor choice. Use some of the colourful pieces of crystal in this section for an appealing look and positive feel in the house.

We are sure you are already planning to get crystals to enhance the feel and ambience of your home. Get ready for a magical transformation of your house (and perhaps your life too) – after all a happy home is what we all dream about.