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Crystal Cleansing

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Numerous molecules of liquid rock repeat and layer up until they cool down to form a crystalline structure. The magical creation of nature, crystals are much more than just home decor pieces. Crystals soothe people’s minds, bodies, and souls. They store and emit energy, helping people on their spiritual journey. Different types of crystals have different effects on people. The right crystal can have magical effects, much like alternate medicine. 

In general, these beautiful stones transform negative energy into positive thoughts. If you own a piece of crystal jewellery, wand or crystal home decor, you’d know they require energy maintenance from time to time. Just like crystals have the ability to absorb positive energies that align with your desires, they can also hold onto unintended negative energies. Therefore, it’s crucial to cleanse your crystals often. And when we say “cleanse”, we don’t just mean wiping & dusting it off, we also mean cleansing all imprinted energy and restoring the crystal to its natural state.

Ancient Apogee offers a wide range of crystal cleaning products. Made and manufactured in Australia, our collection includes Green Lip Abalone Shell, White Californian Sage Smudge Sticks, Crystal Cleansing Spray, and some carefully assorted Crystal Cleaning kits. 

Cleansing and Clearing Crystals

Whether you own a crystal pendant, handpiece, necklace, or sphere lamp, we have various crystal cleaning products for you. Since our establishment in 2012, we have created crystal jewellery, ornaments, home decor pieces, generators, stones, etc. to inspire wellness and help people attain positive energies. It’s our abundant knowledge & experience in the crystal trade that has helped us supply and sell eco-friendly, affordable crystal cleansing and clearing products. And even though cleansing and clearing are often used interchangeably, when it comes to crystal care, they mean two totally different things. Although, the overall idea remains to remove/release/restore the crystals' energy. Therefore, the terms are often used together. 


At Ancient Apogee, our collection of crystal cleaning products is designed to clear negative or unwanted energy from your space and promote wellness. Every product has its own unique qualities. Usage instructions are available on all product pages for further understanding. 

Shop Crystal Cleansing Spray

Looking for the perfect gift for your spiritual friend? Chances are likely that they already own a crystal aligned with their energies and desires. So why not consider giving them a crystal cleansing spray? Not only will they love the thought you put into finding them the perfect gift, but they will also sit back and make good use of the gift in the long run. You will probably be rewarded as the best best friend to exist. Don’t miss out on such an amazing opportunity. Shop crystal cleansing spray now to avail discounts. 

Buying in bulk? We can offer wholesale prices on all orders above $500. Place your order now. And while you are at it, you can browse our amazing collection of beautiful, handcrafted crystal accessories. Made using environmental practices and fair working conditions, our crystal offerings are made to last a lifetime. Whether you require a unique bracelet to update your most basic outfit or a home decor piece to complement your new dining table, we have something for everyone. 

Buying crystals for the first time? Let us assist you in understanding how a crystal can change your perception of all things life. Get in touch with us today. Kindly fill the contact form for queries so that we can get back to you at our earliest. 

Buy Crystal Cleansing Kits Online


Ancient Apogee offers the perfect crystal protection kits for your home or office space. Uniquely designed by our in-house team, these kits are trusted by celebrities and VIPs. Along with every kit, you get clear and easy to read instructions on how to conduct your own cleansing ritual as well as detailed information about what’s the purpose of every product included. 

Cleansing and charging your crystals is essential to keeping them full of positive, loving, and joyful vibes. So if you haven’t gotten your hands on affordable crystal cleansing kits online, this is your opportunity to place your order with us and enjoy express shipping Australia-wide.