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Crystal Smudge Kits

Ancient Apogee designs hand-made crystal pieces designed for all you beautiful souls. We have been selling quality crystals products online for almost 9 years now. We are a team of healers and crystal lovers, guiding customers to the right crystals for their spiritual needs. All our products are made in Australia using environmentally friendly practices and fair working conditions. If you are looking for spiritual tools that can help you ease into your spiritual journey, our crystal smudge kits should be your topmost pick. Curated using different crystals to attract and reflect different energies, these kits can promote healing, guide intuition and help achieve balance in life. 


All these kits have 3 ingredients in common -- Palo Santo stick, Sage Smudge sticks, and a selenite rod. The Palo Santo stick was anciently used by natives of South America for cleansing rituals, transforming negative thoughts into positive energy and cleansing the space, whereas Sage was considered a purifying plant. Sage Smudge sticks shoo away negative energies, promotes wellness, and helps attain calm. Selenite Rod is a tool that activates the crown chakra representing spiritual connection. However, the crystals used in every kit have different physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Find out which crystal best aligns with your energies.

Smudge Kits Online

Looking to buy crystal smudge kits online? Ancient Apogee is the place to be. We are Australia’s leading holistic shop offering a huge selection of crystals in various shapes, designs, sizes and kits. Founded in 2012, our close-knit family has grown with only one aim in mind, helping people on their journey to spirituality and healing. With over 16 smudge kits in our collection, you will find crystals like Luxe Rose Quartz, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Luxe Amethyst that attract love, prosperity, good health and spirituality respectively. All the crystal products that we offer are ethically sourced from leading manufacturers in the country and are precisely cut and shaped to deliver top-quality products. You can find in-depth explanations of their properties and best uses in our informative guides on the site. 


Our comprehensive range of smudge kits is designed to offer you the best experience under one roof. Helping you achieve calm, balance and hope in difficult situations, these kits are customised to ensure you get the maximum strength and vibration potential out of your crystals/ meditation products. Our crystal smudge kits also make the perfect gifting option. Whether you want to give something meaningful to your college professor or your spiritual guide, these crystal smudge kits are sure to win their hearts. We promise every crystal piece will last you a lifetime. Browse through our collection to place your order.

Smudge & Cleanse Crystal Box


Are you an astrologer wanting to add something new to your crystal collection? Our smudge & cleanse crystal box is the perfect pick. Our bestselling kit includes a meditation crystal - Rose Quartz; Amethyst Cluster, Quartz Generator, Crystal Cleansing Spray, Palo Santo stick and a White Californian Sage Smudge Stick. The box is cost-effective, made using the best quality products and has multiple benefits. So if you haven’t purchased your piece yet. Shop now.


For more crystal pieces & smudge kits, browse through our website. Our products are available at wholesale prices in Australia. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. Chances are likely we will be able to supply the same for you. To get in touch, fill out our contact form or write to us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.