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525g Pink GRADE AAA Rose Quartz Crystal Sphere + Golden Stand

525g Pink GRADE AAA Rose Quartz Crystal Sphere + Golden Stand (300g approximately)

Sphere has 6 point star - only found in very high quality Rose Quartz.

Sphere can be removed from the stand and is interchangeable with other spheres of up to 600g. Stand is not designed to spin with the sphere in it. It is for decorative purposes only. Beautiful for display.

Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal for anyone seeking to bring more love into their life. The Rose Quartz crystal properties connect to the heart chakra, the center of love. By opening and healing your heart center, the Rose Quartz crystal healing properties guide you to deepen relationships and embrace kindness, compassion, tenderness, and love toward yourself and those around you.

Note: All Ancient Apogee crystals and meditation products are cleansed with sage prior to being packed and posted to your door. This ensures you get the maximum strength and vibration potential out of your crystals/ meditation products. 


high quality raw and cut crystals, handmade eco-friendly jewellery, spiritual tools and meditation products.